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Women’s Personality Defined by Their Zodiacal Sign

Women’s Personality Defined by Their Zodiacal Sign

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Zodiac sign of a person is the sign of the zodiac that included the sun when the person was born. The zodiac signs are believed to represent twelve basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression.

Vedic and Western zodiacs differ in the method of measurement. Vedic astrology determines the zodiacal sign of a person according to the date and time of his/her birth. The Western zodiacs are determined according to approximate dates of sun signs, so basically the birth date is taken into consideration.

This infographic is based on Western astrology. It is the mere representation of how women’s characteristics can be defined by their zodiacal signs. However each individual inherits a set of unique characteristics due to their upbringing, education and believes thus predicting a woman’s nature just by looking at her zodiacal sign is not a wise idea.

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