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When a girl is born…

I was sixteen when I first found the horrors of a female birth in some parts of the world. I remember reading a newspaper article which said that in rural Indian villages, when a girl child is born, she is killed and hidden. I was shocked with disbelief. The article gave reasons like poverty, inability to provide a dowry at a later point in life, the hardships of protective upbringing of a girl child… and so on. But nothing justified this cruel insanity to me. So let us talk about this myth of the girl child being a burden.

When a girl is born, so many people; relatives, family friends, and oddly enough- even the nurses worry a lot about how she looks. From the start, therefore, the girl child is measured for her looks. As she grows up, society defines what subjects are best for her education, and what professions are compatible with her gender. Society sets limits as to what she should wear, how she should talk, walk, appear and how she should set her goals. Simply, when a girl is born, it is not the girl who becomes a burden to the society. It is the society itself, which sets unnecessary and ridiculous frames for her, who makes her a burden. When a girl is born, the burden is the already defined path the society lays out for her. And now, for every girl who feels insecure, lonely, bullied, ill-fated and negative, let me talk to you. Put your burden down for a minute, take a breath, and read on.

Countless times, you might have taken out your favourite dress, your favorite outfit, and put it back because you feel the society would see it as too short, too long, too loose, too tight, too girlish, too boyish…too much of so many things. But, what has society ever done for you? Apart from your parents, no one else has a claim on you. So the society cannot measure you or limit you from the attires you choose. The tradition of any country does not tell that the female should find a husband, offer a dowry and marry him and settle down as a legalised marital housemaid. When a girl is born, how cruel is the society to price her right then and there, and kill her, if they cannot afford to auction her?

When a girl is born, it does not mean that a future marriage proposal nominee is born. Any female has the strength to control her life. She has ability to choose and decide what she can do, and what she cannot. If you think you can beat Usain Bolt in a 100m race, you can. You have the freedom to believe you can. You do not have to be a Barbie doll that is spotless and flawless. No. You can make mistakes, you can laugh loud, and you can fight for what you believe. When a girl is born, I believe the universe rejoices, because, a girl child has magic in her. Art, politics, creation, intuition, ration and emotion, all lie inside the girl child.

The girls, who are right now reading this, let me tell you that you are amazing. You are unique and beautiful in an earthly way.

And to the others? Well, let me tell you this. The next time you hear that a girl is born-to family, friend, to anybody; welcome her as magic. Let her grow up to be who she wants to be. Do not create superfluous burdens of her. Set her free, and let her learn herself.

About The Author

Lilani Anuruddhika

Lilani Anuruddhika is interested in composing poetry, writing stories, singing, dancing and inspiring people. She also wishes to raise social awareness about female safety and social morals. Lilani is contributing Queen of Sea with poetry and articles.

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