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What’s Your Credo?

What’s Your Credo?

I had to write my credo statement as a part of an assignment. Though I never had thought what my credo would be, I realized I have been working to achieve this state of my life even without knowing what I want to gain. It feels like I had a plan in my subconscious mind.

1 My Personal Credo Statement

Most people say Work – Life balance is important, but I believe Work, Life and Hobby balance is essential. Writing is my hobby, it is an art, self-taught to me. I loved reading story books and eventually I started writing stories. Once I improved my writing skills and style up to a certain level, I got a lot of opportunities. My family is proud about my writing skill and my office utilizes the same skill.

1. What do you stand for?

I stand for versatility. I believe versatile people can survive well, they can adapt to environments (“survival of the fittest”). I have worked in two companies, worked for various project teams and was promoted for my ability to thrive in changing environments.

2. What do you believe in?

I believe in hard work and the consciousness to identify opportunities in office and outside and grab them. The latter doesn’t mean I will seize an opportunity which I cannot handle, while knowing somebody else can do it better than me. In such situation I will co-exist rather than competing. But I will make sure I will get the opportunities that I can perform well and I will continue to work hard.

3. What are you discontent about?

I’m discontented about some of my past academic achievements, though I’m in a good position now. This dissatisfaction always encourages me to work hard and perform well in my studies.

4. What brings you suffering?

Living away from my parents and sister bring suffering. I had to move to Colombo due to my employment in the computer software industry while my parents live in my home town far away from Colombo and my sister in another country. I have been living separated from my family since 2008.

5. What makes you weep and wail?

Whenever I am unable to get what I have planned. When I cannot make others (family) understand what I want to say.

6. What makes you jump for joy?
When my family appreciates me and shows their love. When I can help my friends and knowing I made a difference in their lives. When I get new opportunities, rewards such as promotions, getting selected for events forums.

7. What you are passionate about?

I’m passionate about my job, it is interesting. I’m passionate about writing too, sharing my thoughts and experiences in the form of stories.

8. What makes you wake at night?

Nowadays the assignments I get in MBA class keeps me awake at night. Else I read a lot, books and online articles. Reading makes me feel relaxed and also helps me get a lot of knowledge.

9. What you want for your life?

I want my parents and my family to be proud for who I am today, while I am happy for whom I have become today. Every day is a ‘today’, so this want continues till my last breath.

2 What I Would Most Likely to Hear Others Say about Me

In a Party

I want people to identify me as a confident and friendly person that has achieved a good family life and career goals with an interesting hobby.

“She is polite and friendly”, “She is a confident person”
“She knows what she is talking about”
“She continues to have a successful family life while working”
“She is a BA in an Australian software company, moreover she is a fiction writer”

In My Funeral

I hope people will be sad that I’m not with them anymore, and they will consider it as a loss. I wish people will appreciate my career success in the software industry and achievements as a writer, admire my commitment to my family, friends and relatives.

“She is an exemplary role, she was a good mother, a good wife and a good daughter”
“She was kind and talented, she helped me a lot when I was working under her”
“She is one off my favorite writers. I have read all her books. I’m sad she’s no more”
“We had studied in the same batch. She was a friendly person. Good old times!”

Jotting down my own credo was a pleasure, if you don’t have a credo yet, try composing one right away!

About The Author

Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

Hasitha is the winner of Multilingual Poetry Slam, NSW, Australia (2017). She fell in love with this profession when she was a little girl who loved writing her heart out. She represented Sri Lanka at the South Asian Film Arts and Literature Festival (SAFAL Fest) in Sydney. She started Queen of Sea in 2013 and now she shares its’ space for publishing write-ups with her friends who love writing as much as she does.

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