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To Kill an Unborn..

There are things, precisely a lot of things, which we see as unwanted. What we normally do with unwanted things is getting rid of them. We dump them. Surprisingly enough, the world has arrived at such an advanced stage, that more and more ‘living’ are also dumped as unwanted. Nailing this down on the point, babies have become unwanted in the modern world. And there is at least, at the very least, one baby found from garbage piles somewhere on the globe every day. This is a serious discussion, and this article will have to be endless to discuss that. So, this article wishes to open the discussion- the discussion over the unborn of this world.

Abortion is legalized and allowed at times when the doctor decides it is highly dangerous and deadly for the mother to deliver that child. In many other instances, abortion is not at all cheered upon. Imagine…a little mould of life awaits the wonders of the world, and just when it starts to yearn for all that, it is pushed back to the numb darkness of nothingness again. What fault leads for such a tragic end? How can some couple somewhere possibly agree upon destroying the beautiful creation of their flesh and blood? There are two sides to this.

On one hand, any young couple, who tends to be mostly very young, hang on to abortion than facing the shame of societal disgrace upon irresponsible behavior. In clandestine affairs this is also backed by the need to keep the affair going as, well…, clandestine. Some couples, well in this case one partner of the couple, agree for an abortion so that the other person won’t leave. And in many cases, girls take this decision. When young lovers who are too young to be parents face the heart stopping shock of the girl getting pregnant, they go for abortions. And since most of the hospitals question a female wanting to destroy her child, these couples go for private, hidden places where the instruments used are not hygienic. In lots of these instances, it’s not only the death of the baby.

Killing of an unborn, therefore, is not a civilized act when we deeply look in to it. Why should some minute human, who hasn’t even had his/her, share of this world, pay for some irrational act of momentary pleasure? Of libido? Maybe someone reading this now is someone who is with the same problem. Let me ask… what dreams, what beautiful smiles and words might you be planning to let go of? Is killing some beautiful angel the only solution? If your man is not accepting the creation of his blood, then is he a man worth hanging on to? If the two of you were irrational enough to lose control, must a tiny life pay for it? These are questions to ask from self.

Killing an unborn is not the only solution. There are people ready to help. If you really don’t want the baby, you can still have the baby and give the baby to someone who wants a child. There are so many people around, waiting for a child but not lucky enough to have one for them.

God speaks in many ways, and a child is one such way He addresses us. Therefore, raising awareness on the dangers, and mostly, of the unethical aspect of killing someone even before they get birth, is of utmost importance in this society.

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Lilani Anuruddhika

Lilani Anuruddhika is interested in composing poetry, writing stories, singing, dancing and inspiring people. She also wishes to raise social awareness about female safety and social morals. Lilani is contributing Queen of Sea with poetry and articles.

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