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My painful affair with tooth fairy

My painful affair with tooth fairy

When I was a kid I thought I would be a famouse writer and that people would build a museum in my name (I had visited Martin Wickramasinghe museum then, that’s why 😀 ) after my death. Therefore, whenever one of my baby tooth was knocked out, I put it inside a plastic jar, a collection for my museum. I didn’t ask the tooth fairy or a squirrel for a new tooth. My ideas were too matured for my age and I didn’t believe in tooth fairy. But later, I threw-away the collection of my primary teeth because they sometimes reminded me of a ghost movie.

I guess the tooth fairy was angry that I didn’t believe in her! The maxillary central incisors in my upper jaw were little by little falling out of alignment. The first one to have told me this was my science teacher in O/L class at school. It was not too visible then and I didn’t care. The next one to tell me the same few years later was my maternal uncle. By that time I was worried about my looks just like any other girl of my age. All the others of my family had perfectly aligned teeth, and they never understood my worry over my teeth.

I’ve been biting nails since I was a kid, I cannot remember when I got into that bad habit but my mother says I learned that from other kids in kindergarten. My aunt says excessive nail biting could affect teeth alignment. By the time I was employed in ‘ABC’ company, malocclusion of the teeth was very visible (at least I thought it was). Whenever I told that to my friends, they said they didn’t notice it until I told them. Perhaps, they were right. I’ve noticed with lot of my girl friends, that whatever the imperfections they were worried of, never caught the attention of others. I think it’s because we gauge the beauty of a person with their overall look, personality and their dress sense and small imperfections go unnoticed.

api-dennaNo matter how my friends assured that I looked fine, I was worried. Listening to me all the time talking about it, my boy friend helped me find a well-known dentist in Borella. I was her worst patient, because I didn’t go for regular appointments. She told I had small jaws and big teeth, so my teeth was crowded at the front. Basically what she meant was there were no enough space for my teeth in my jaws. So she decided to wear off my front tooth by few millimetre. And she made me wear braces.

I had braces on both lower jaw and upper jaw when I was 26 years old (yeah, I was too old to wear braces then but I did it). Believe me, it was painful!! It was hard to eat. Initially it was hard to sleep because my gums were hurting (dear tooth fairy, thanks for the sleepless nights!). Also it was hard to brush my teeth. Only a person who had braces only knows the pain I went through. Even if you brush your teeth regularly, people will think you don’t brush well, as little food particles easily linger in the wires of your braces.

10603437_10152194844916790_3011692153590251148_nDuring this time, I avoided saying cheese to the camera, I kept my lips tight and tried to smile. In most photos, I ended up looking as if I was pouting. I usually had dental appointments on evenings of work days, so I brushed my teeth before I left office. And I remember the puzzled look on the faces of girls in my office, when they saw me brushing teeth in ladies wash room.

In monthly appointments the dentist would realign my braces. I remember keep staring at the ceiling and catching a blur image of shining-metal dental equipment entering my mouth. The dentist used bonding cement to place braces on my teeth. Because the cement is light sensitive,  a bright blue light is used to cure it and for that the doctor used a pen-shaped, neon-like light emitter. Every time I visited the dentist, I came out feeling like a victim that was biopsied by alien equipment in an episode of X-files. Later, I got used to that not-so-pleasant experience.

I wore braces for about 2.5 years and then came my wedding! I cannot wear braces on my big day, can I? I should be able to smile to the camera. I told the doctor that I’m getting married, and she laughed. ‘You should have taken permission from me to get married before you asked your parents for permission’, She told me 😀

dsc_1208She then removed my braces and gave me an orthodontic regulator to wear on my upper jaw. It had a wire running across my teeth and it was less painful than braces. However, I had to remove the regulator whenever I wanted to eat. Soon after I was tired of wearing it and I only wore it when I went to sleep (I was going against the advice of the dentist, don’t be like me, listen to your doctor). But now my teeth is all fine, properly aligned. Tooth fairy can be very annoying to some people, my case is a good example of her nasty behaviour!  Well, all the pain I went through because of her was worth it, because just like any other girl, I just wanna give my best smile to a selfie.

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Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

Hasitha is the winner of Multilingual Poetry Slam, NSW, Australia (2017). She fell in love with this profession when she was a little girl who loved writing her heart out. She represented Sri Lanka at the South Asian Film Arts and Literature Festival (SAFAL Fest) in Sydney. She started Queen of Sea in 2013 and now she shares its’ space for publishing write-ups with her friends who love writing as much as she does.


  1. Thalatha wirtathne

    Nicely written. I thought u’re writing about recent dental appointment.

  2. Thalatha Wijeratne

    I remember ur teeth collection.ha ha.


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