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Love is…

This article was previously published in year 2002 on Daily News, a Sri Lankan paper. After reading the article “Being in Love the real thing” on youth quest the first thing that came into my mind was an article I’ve read in a magazine couple of years ago. It was a very interesting topic called, “What is this thing called love?” condensed from “Redbook” by Judith Viorst, an American writer. Those tips were worth sharing, so all you girlfriends, here are some tips for you to figure out love and infatuation. Remember, infatuation is when you think he is...

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Men – An Endangered Species!

Should there be an International day for Men? Here is what Charitha Adhikari has to say. Men – an endangered species – My idea in 2001 International women’s day comes up and all the women realise they are in need of equal rights. Meanwhile men laugh at this, but they suffer in secret. Men should be given an International Day for two reasons. One, to make them recall all their deeds against the fairer-sex, during the year gone by, like how he fell in love with three women at the same time, how he whistled at girls who passed...

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