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What happens when the Sky falls-down?

What happens when the Sky falls-down?

What Happens when the Sky Falls

One day a hare was asleep under a shady tree in a forest. When he woke up a strange thought emerged in his mind. He was thinking “What will happen if the sky falls down?”. At that exact moment, a fruit fell off from a near by tree and fell on a leaf of a Palmyra tree. Then it fell on to the ground making a sound “dub, dub.” The hare thought it was the sound of sky falling down.

“Oh, the sky is falling down! Let’s rush to a safe place”, screamed  the hare and started running. On the way he met another hare. The latter asked, “My dear friend, why are you running? Any problem?”

“Don‟t waste time to ask questions. First run and save your life!.”

“I will, can you at least tell me what has happened?”

The first hare shouted while running. “Don’t you know yet? The sky is falling down. I heard the noise. Let’s run away!”

Both hares began to run. All the other hares in forest who saw them running also followed them. The herd of the deer also heard the news of sky falling. The herd also started running away. Along with them bears, elephants, monkeys and many other animals started running. After a while on the way all these animals met the lion, the king of the forest.

The lion asked curiously, “What’s wrong with all of you? Why are you running?”.

“Oh! Dear king! Didn’t anybody alert you? The sky is falling down. We all are running. In search of a safer place.” the bear said.

The lion laughed. He said it was never possible and roared. “Who first saw the sky falling down?”

All the other animals pointed each other. Everyone except the hare who started it all said they haven’t seen anything unusual. Then it was the turn of the hare.

The lion asked, “Ah! Hare, did you see the sky falling?”

“Yes sir, I heard it.”

“Then show me that place”, the lion ordered.

The hare guided the lion and other animals to the place where he was sleeping. The lion examined the surrounding of the place. There was a fruit on the ground under the Palmyra tree. The lion was able to understood that the hare had mistaken the sound of that fruit falling down to be the sound of a disaster, the sound of sky falling down.

The lion pointed to the fruit and explained everyone, “None of you have worried to think over this matter, you kept running after each other. If you ever blindly follow others, you will end up in trouble with a big price to pay for not thinking wisely. The hare must have started running after hearing the sound of this fruit falling down”.

The hare agreed, “I believe the king is right. Just before I heard the sound, I was wondering what could happen if the sky would ever to fall on Earth.” The lion advised all the animals to go back to their places. The intelligent lion, the king of the forest, was none other than our supreme Bodhisathwa.

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Thalatha Wijerathna

Ms.Thalatha Wijerathna is the author of two children's story books and she owns a small home library. She is a retired teacher and with her 20 years of teaching experience she knows what is best for the young minds. Thalatha is publishing a series of Buddhist Tales for Children, a story going online on every full moon day.

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