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The Train Diaries of ShutterEyeLadz

The Train Diaries of ShutterEyeLadz

Train diaries, by the name also you all can get an idea of what this is all about. So, this is the collection of some sceneries that have came up into an eye of a young girl while she is traveling by train. That’s how this name called Shutter Eye Ladz was initiated, with the meaning of Ladini’s Captures through the shutter lenz. Though this is called as captures through shutter lens, it’s only mobile photography.


The idea of capturing these sceneries became after an year maybe once I started to travel by train. I started traveling by train since I had to travel more than 40 Km from Kalutara to Dematagoda for my daily work. So with this daily routine, I was always peeping out from the window by finding a place where I can enjoy the view all the time since it was a major relaxation for me. When your eyes search for the beauty of nature or the beauty of the objects around you, you may tend to see how beautiful everything is. Sometimes you imagine how it would be if that is in a different way, and you draw it in your mind. The sky, the clouds and the pattern how these clouds move and cloud escapes.. they will add more and more thoughts into your mind. The way how the waves of ocean kiss the shore and turn back to the sea, and of course again kissing the shores are the ways you can feel that somethings in the world are recursive. So by seeing these beautiful ordinary views for others, I tend to think how beautiful and amazing the world and the country I live in.


As the time passed, I met with most amazing colorful sceneries at morning as well as in the evening. I became to think, those photos or the pictures that I see on google, instagram or blogs are not always been edited, but they are real! Because I see them around me everywhere at most of the time. Therefore I realized that I can also share these amazing views with the network that I am in, and make others also feel the value of the nature. So I started capturing all those mesmerizing views via my mobile phone as well as using my traveling-friends’ phones (sometimes since their phone’s camera was far more better than mine). So that was the initiation of train diaries where I used this name since it’s like a journal where I keep my memories while I travel by the train, not only in the coastal area but also in other areas when I travel rather than going to work.


Little by little, I got appreciations from the people who has the taste for this kind of art, and one of the huge fans is Hasi akka of course where she requested me for writing an article regarding my mobile photography. There are few other people around me who are genuinely giving me ideas, suggestions to make me encouraged and effective in my passion that I am grateful the most. But I came across a few who really asked “What’s the purpose of posting the same scenery every day?”. What can I say? Because monotonic eyes won’t even realize that there are beautiful variations in those sceneries. So what I do is simply smile and say, ‘guys you won’t notice, but they are different from one to another’. The major thing I learned from posting these pictures is that, in life you would have to face many critics (some negative, some constructive), but you should keep all the good even though there’s no one watching you. Because from all that good, there is a chance that at least a single person will get inspired. I know that personally, because some friends around me got persuaded towards a talent that they have hidden in them. Also people out there feel refreshed and alive with even a simple thing that we post to cheer up. Therefore I keep taking those amazing pictures of nature or of the fascinating things I see when I travel.


As I wanted to connect with people having the same passion towards this activity, I created a simple instagram account as well with the name of ShutterEyeLadz, in instagram. We know, only the people who admire your artwork are there to follow you.

I would like to say, that the nature around you will teach you so many lessons if and only if you’re willing to learn them. The changes in those colorful clouds and their lovely patterns varying within seconds into a dark stormy sky, or the other way around will teach you that any happiness never last long and any sadness will turn into happiness within the blink of an eye. So as the changes in life the success, sorrow, horror or any other thing. It’s the life, life of the nature, human too are a part of nature.

You’ll realize that even simple things can add beauty and value to life as a rainbow can appear when the golden sun lights lighten up a gloomy sky after a little rain. You will realize that even we are facing a harder phase in life it can end up with a colorful life story, but you have to make sure to keep that beauty as long as you can, you have to fight for it of course.

Nothing will come to you without your sacrifice, even the nature turns into such an amazing place because the sun, wind, ocean, clouds, trees, animals all take part in a mission of their work. Same way we have to work for ourselves.


Finally, I would like to say, look around you. Don’t live your life as it’s just one life for you, but take all the opportunities, not only making money or getting a degree by learning higher and higher. Because you’ll be able to see the lives around you when you connect with nature. You’ll feel life is not about a game where you want to defeat someone and be the winner, but it is your self satisfaction within your own soul, nothing else at the end. Love yourself, love your life, your time and the nature and all the living beings around you.

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Ladini Ransirini

Ladini Ransirini believes in enjoying every moment of life. She loves mobile photography, singing and writing. In spite of her IT career and higher studies, Ladini makes time to contribute to Queen of Sea with her write-ups and photography.

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