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The Noble White Elephant

The Noble White Elephant

The Noble White Elephant

A white elephant lived in a forest near Himalaya Mountain. The other elephants of the forest had made the white elephant their king. His mother was blind. So the white elephant sent her plenty of food through other elephants. But the mother didn’t get any, as the other elephants were eating all the food themselves.

The white elephant got to know what happened to the food he gathered for his mother. He decided not to live among those selfish elephants. He took his mother with him to the mountain and lived there far away from others of his clan. One day, a forest guard lost his path in the mountain and he was crying. The white elephant heard his cry and came near the guard and the guard got scared and ran away.

The white elephant called him, “I don’t harm you. Why are you afraid of me? What is your dilemma? Tell me, I will help you”.

Hearing the kind words of the white elephant, the guard stopped. “I don’t know the path to Varanasi. I have to go there. That’s why I was crying”. The white elephant took him on his back and left him near Varanasi. The guard thanked the elephant and continued his journey.

After some days the royal elephant of the king of Varanasi died due to an illness. The king needed an elephant in its place. He told that anybody who could give a clue of an elephant which fits to be the royal elephant would be given a reward. The guard heard that and he went to the king. “My Lord I have seen a white elephant and if an army is sent along with me, the elephant could be caught and brought to the palace”.

The king sent a troupe of soldiers with him to the forest. The white elephant was caught and brought to the king’s palace. The king was very happy to see the white elephant. The king ordered his servants to decorate the elephant with beautiful costumes and jewels. Meanwhile, the white elephant’s mother was crying because her son did not come back home with some food.

The king made the white elephant his royal elephant. He told his servants to give enough food to the elephant. But the elephant did not eat the food given to him. The servants informed the king about the white elephants behaviour. The king came near the elephant and said, “Why don’t you take some food. Don’t you know that I have made you the royal elephant. It’s a great honour for you”.

The white elephant replied, “Oh! My king, my mother is blind. She can’t find food on her own. Without me, she must be starving. Please take me to my mother”.

The king understood that he has done a great sin by capturing the white elephant. The white elephant was exhibiting noble behaviour by looking after his blind mother. The king ordered his servants to release the elephant to the forest where it used to live. The servants took the white elephant to the forest and released. The white elephant was happy and he quickly collected some food and went to his mother. The white elephant was our supreme Bodhisathwa.

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Thalatha Wijerathna

Ms.Thalatha Wijerathna is the author of two children's story books and she owns a small home library. She is a retired teacher and with her 20 years of teaching experience she knows what is best for the young minds. Thalatha is publishing a series of Buddhist Tales for Children, a story going online on every full moon day.

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