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The moon appears bigger here

The moon appears bigger here


It’s been six months since we migrated to Sydney. And my mother says she misses me and that she is sad.

Then I tell her, even when I was in Sri Lanka I was not at home. I didn’t go home every weekend because I had lectures on both Saturday and Sunday in Kelaniya university as I had started following an MBA even before I got married.

If I knew earlier that I would give up my MBA and migrate I could have spent my weekend with my parents.

The struggle of being away home is common to most people after entering uni.

And it continued for me as I couldn’t find a job elsewhere other than the Colombo district.

Being an IT graduate, I had hard luck in finding a job in a place that is easy travel from home. I had once taken up a job in Vocational Training Institute in Gannoruwa as an instructor. I wore one of my sister’s saree and went to work there first day. I didn’t enjoy it much; perhaps due to the government office style they were functioning. Around 5.30 pm I got into a Kandy-Colombo bus hoping to get down at Karandupana (my home village), but I dozed off and by the time I opened my eyes the bus stopped in Kegalle town. I got down and took another bus to Karandupana. Once I got home I ponded over the first day experience at VTA, there was nothing much to complain about. But I didn’t like it, it felt like not my kind of thing to do. I knew I would be unhappy there and that I might decide to give up the job sooner or later. I told my parents that I don’t want to work there anymore and the next day I informed the VTA office that I’m resigning. That was the only time that I wore a saree to work.

I wish I had spent more time with my parents but since I became a student tin SLIIT I was mostly away from home.

And now, residing in Sydney I speak to my parents over a video call few times a week.

Other than the cold weather and public smoking I almost like everything in Sydney. Probably what I like most is the public transportation. One a full moon day when I looked at the moon-let sky I felt the moon appears bigger than it was in Sri Lanka. Maybe it is an allusion or maybe it really appears bigger, I should google about it.

My husband and I had been lucky, we both got jobs in Sydney CBD within 2 months of our arrival, and we could stay with my sister and brother-in-law. I got a software testing contract job and in October I’m joining another company in North Sydney for a permanent position.

What Sydney has in store for us, we don’t know. I’m not scared about the future as long as I have my husband with me. He had been there always for me encouraging to do the things I like. What Sydney has in store for me, we’ll get to know in the coming years. I promise I will write about them.

About The Author

Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

Hasitha is the winner of Multilingual Poetry Slam, NSW, Australia (2017). She fell in love with this profession when she was a little girl who loved writing her heart out. She represented Sri Lanka at the South Asian Film Arts and Literature Festival (SAFAL Fest) in Sydney. She started Queen of Sea in 2013 and now she shares its’ space for publishing write-ups with her friends who love writing as much as she does.

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