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The Hunter and the Deer

The Hunter and the Deer


Once upon a time there lived a deer in a forest bordering a village. One day his sister visited him with her son, a little deer.

“Brother, please teach my son the tricks we do. Then he will be able to avoid danger in the jungle” She said.

“Sister, I am happy to teach him. Let me start from tomorrow.” the deer replied.

Next day the little deer went to his uncle’s den to learn survival skills. Two months passed. He learnt and practised tricks his uncle taught him. One day the little deer was roaming in the forest with his friends, looking for grass as they were hungry. Then a hunter from the village came and threw a net over the little deer. The friends were frightened and they ran away and informed his mother.

The mother deer rushed to her brother and said, “Brother, my son is caught in a hunter’s net. How can he escape? Please help him”.

“Sister, be patient. He will return soon”.

The little deer remembered the tricks he learned from his uncle and decided to try one of them. He fell on the ground as if he was dead. The hunter assumed that the deer is dead. Then he removed the net and went to find a wooden pole so that he can tie the deer and carry easily. As the hunter walked away the little deer ran as fast as an arrow and joined his mother. When the hunter returned, he noticed that the little deer was not there. The hunter was deceived.

The little deer’s uncle praised him and his mother was very happy for him. The uncle in this story was none other than our supreme Bodhisathwa.

About The Author

Thalatha Wijerathna

Ms.Thalatha Wijerathna is the author of two children's story books and she owns a small home library. She is a retired teacher and with her 20 years of teaching experience she knows what is best for the young minds. Thalatha is publishing a series of Buddhist Tales for Children, a story going online on every full moon day.

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