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The Drummer

The Drummer

One day, a drummer went to a festival in Varanasi with his son. They performed well and entertained the people gathered at the festival. People loved their performance and provided them with money, food and clothes. They started their journey back home and a jungle was on their way. When they were walking through the jungle the son started beating the drum as he was quite happy about their success.

The Drummer

“Son, this jungle is known for thieves. Do not play the drum. If the thieves hear this sound, they might catch us!”, the farther said. But the son did not keep quiet.

“Son, listen to me. Don’t risk our lives. You can play the drum to your heart’s content when we reach home.”, the farther advised his son once more.

“Father, I am not going to stop playing the drum. Just see, if there are any thieves they will run away fearing the drum’s sound.”

Then he played the drum louder. Guess what, there was a gang of thieves in the jungle as the father said. The leader of that gang heard the sound of the drum.

“Sounds like some people from the city are here in the jungle! They must be having money, food and clothes”, the leader said.

“Shall we go and fight them?” one of the thieves proposed. All of them encircled the drummer and his son. They threatened the two drummers, grabbed all their belongings and chased them away.

“Son, didn’t I tell you to stop making that sound? You didn’t listen to me. You are a skillful drummer but that should be made use of only when it is required and at the appropriate time”, the farther who was glad that their lives were saved, advised his son in a deep voice.

“Father, forgive me. Today I learnt a lesson. I will not behave irresponsibly in the future”, the son promised in a regretting voice. Both of them returned home with empty hands.

About The Author

Thalatha Wijerathna

Ms.Thalatha Wijerathna is the author of two children's story books and she owns a small home library. She is a retired teacher and with her 20 years of teaching experience she knows what is best for the young minds. Thalatha is publishing a series of Buddhist Tales for Children, a story going online on every full moon day.

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