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Simple Joys We Often Miss

People are born to complain. We complain about everything- from the shampoo not giving the exact effects to the number of vehicles on the road, we complain. While we notice everything negative in life, there are simple joys we miss. From the breaking dawn to the setting sun, we miss these simple, yet soothing gifts of nature.

There are people who pay hundreds to go to spas and meditation classes. It is good. There is nothing wrong with it. But, the same tranquility and the same feeling of peace can be enjoyed free of charge if we step out in to nature. We are so caught up in a race to gather more and more, that we almost do not stop to look up at a star-filled night sky anymore. We are so used to metallic ear-piercing music, that we have forgotten the chirpings of birds. We go and sit for hours at inspirational workshops, or positive thinking workshops, while we do not notice groups of little ants carrying huge chunks of food, or ugly caterpillars that patiently wait to become butterflies. It is ironical, isn’t it? It is ironical, but it is true. “Go green!” signs flash everywhere, but we almost do not notice the green anymore.

But, if you take a while to embrace all these free therapies of nature, you will find that you can sleep better at night. For once, try to take a walk outside in your garden listening to all the night sounds, before you go to bed. Try looking up the stars, the moon. When you are so down and depressed to the point of no return, go to a beach side and just watch those waves. Look at them which never give up trying to run towards the sand, though they are always seeped in and sent back. Isn’t that enough inspiration to never give up on life?

Listen to the flowing waters of a stream, and watch the flying butterflies, and see if your mind is not at rest. Watch birds- watch them building nests, feeding their young. These simple happenings of nature will give you immense pleasure.

What we have forgotten is that we are a part of nature. We try to break away from that link, and in doing so, we suffer. We get isolated with a pile of work and deadlines and goals. We forget that even though a snail goes slowly, it never stops moving. It never gives up saying “I cannot keep up with others so I am going to roll inside my shell and hide and not move on”. It moves in its own pace. Nature shows us all these philosophies which we try so hard to understand. We read philosophical books and wonder how those things are possible, while nature gives us so many examples to prove the simple truths of life.

The reason behind Zen priests being so calm or villagers having less problems is that they live with nature. Even among the concrete lands where we live, if we look up at the sky and see the vast blue, or the shining stars, life will slow down on us. Doesn’t just that picture of a beautiful moon behind a skyscraper soothe your soul? So, let us take a break from this rush and peep in to the simplicity. Let us not miss those simple joys of life.

Photographs: Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

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Lilani Anuruddhika

Lilani Anuruddhika is interested in composing poetry, writing stories, singing, dancing and inspiring people. She also wishes to raise social awareness about female safety and social morals. Lilani is contributing Queen of Sea with poetry and articles.

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