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Now I Love Him Even More ♡♡

Now I Love Him Even More ♡♡

When I was small I had crushes on two celebrities – Michael Praed who played the role of Robin Hood in the British TV series “Robin of Sherwood” and Bryan Adams. I loved Bryan Adams’ voice and found him very handsome! Bryan Adams is one of my favorite singers up-to-date.


Recently I was going through a Bollywood news site and a heading caught my eye, “Bryan Adams shoots Priyanka Chopra’s first Guess campaign”. Brian Adams? I was surprised.

No, that can’t be him.

But curiosity made me follow the link and read the full article. It was him! My favorite singer has found a second career as a photographer! I kept surfing the Internet. Although Bryan Adams’s popularity in the music world never diminished, he has started working as a photographer.

I found many celebrities’ photo shoots in his official website

More than that in 2014 he has published a book, Wounded: The Legacy of War, which is a collection of portraits of young British soldiers who have suffered life-changing injury in Iraq and Afghanistan or during training. The book is available on Amazon.


Follow this link to view some of its photographs,–ekVtINzZDx . I bet once you go through those images you will get tears.

Well, now I love Bryan Adams even more!

He will always remain my crush. ♡ ♡

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Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

Hasitha is the winner of Multilingual Poetry Slam, NSW, Australia (2017). She fell in love with this profession when she was a little girl who loved writing her heart out. She represented Sri Lanka at the South Asian Film Arts and Literature Festival (SAFAL Fest) in Sydney. She started Queen of Sea in 2013 and now she shares its’ space for publishing write-ups with her friends who love writing as much as she does.

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