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Nothing beats a Mother’s Love

Nothing beats a Mother’s Love

I’m sharing this poem as today is my mother’s birthday! I am dedicating this poem to my mom and all the loving mothers out there who gave up their won comforts for their kids. Nothing beats a mother’s love.

For Mom

I wonder how someone can be so selfless?
To wish for the best of others only
To give up your dreams so that others can follow theirs

I wonder how someone can be so hopeful?
That hoping only the best will happen to others
While they are battling against all odds in the society

I wonder how someone can be so patient?
When the youth want to rebel and find their own way
So that you will be left alone while they conquer the world

I wonder how someone can be so caring
That you can go back to them no matter what?

That someone is mother

About The Author

Charitha Adikari

Charitha Adikari has a passion for writing. She has written about homeless African Americans she met in Washington, D.C. Streets to women’s issues and has interviewed inspiring People from around the world. She finds writing therapeutic. Charitha loves prose and poetry but currently involved in broadcasting journalism. She is contributing with witty columns of stories of everyday people to Queen of Sea.


  1. Thalatha Wijeratne

    the poem is meaningful, nicely written. Love it. Thank you dear.

  2. Thalatha Wijeratne

    Dear loku, it brought tears to my eyes.


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