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Men – An Endangered Species!

Men – An Endangered Species!

Should there be an International day for Men? Here is what Charitha Adhikari has to say.

Men – an endangered species – My idea in 2001

International women’s day comes up and all the women realise they are in need of equal rights. Meanwhile men laugh at this, but they suffer in secret.

Men should be given an International Day for two reasons. One, to make them recall all their deeds against the fairer-sex, during the year gone by, like how he fell in love with three women at the same time, how he whistled at girls who passed him by, how he degraded household work as things too easy to handle, and last but not least, how he prevented his wife from getting a higher education by making her have a baby.

Men an endangered species_1

On the other hand, an International Day will give men the ideal opportunity to fight against being stereotyped. He could fight against society for seeing him as someone has to be strong, (even when he is feeble inside), stand with virility, with strong biceps and broad shoulders.

Every man among us, has to be a bread winner even though more and more women are working these days. And what if the wife refuses to work at all? Undoubtedly this could be hard for men.

In fact they lead such difficult lives I wonder why men are not listed in the endangered species list. So, why not give them the opportunity to celebrate a men’s day? After all, no matter who obeyed the serpent first, we women should understand that Adam and Eve, were both human.

Men – an endangered species – My idea in 2017

Men an endangered species_2

Hilariously within a span of 16 years, the issue of Men being endangered still remains the same, while my take on it has changed thanks to the men that I came across within that period.

In this day and age men are endangered because women are becoming more stronger day by day, just to try and break the glass ceiling that their men have created above them. The more you try to oppress someone, the one who is stronger will try to bounce back harder.

Everyday, I see women try to win a never ending battle, some trying to juggle career and a family. Some trying to battle the societal norms, some trying to battle all the men who are trying to put them in place since they are scared of her, some trying to battle other fellow women who will be on their way obstructing.

So men still find it harder I guess, with all the women trying to do their best. After all it’s a man’s world, or is it?

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Charitha Adikari

Charitha Adikari has a passion for writing. She has written about homeless African Americans she met in Washington, D.C. Streets to women’s issues and has interviewed inspiring People from around the world. She finds writing therapeutic. Charitha loves prose and poetry but currently involved in broadcasting journalism. She is contributing with witty columns of stories of everyday people to Queen of Sea.

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