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Make-up or No make-up?

Make-up or No make-up?

Emma Watson has said; “Beauty is what we feel inside, which also shows outside us”. Although this philosophical idea gives a sense of what beauty really is, the world is yet so fake that one cannot imagine going to the grocer’s without a touch of a make-up. Medical magazines argue day and night that these cosmetics contain a lot of unhealthy chemicals and bleaching agents, but, looks matter a lot in this world, that we all let these arguments in one ear and out the other. Why do we need make-up? That is obviously to look better and to attract people. And now the tricky question: Do people get attracted to what they know as ‘fake’? Won’t people know that those perfect eyebrows, bubbly hair, flawless wax-like face and body are fake? What good is it then, to announce out loud that we are not comfortable in how we naturally look? So there is an evolving discussion for and against the use of make-up by women. And to discuss the pros and cons of using cosmetics will be a timely topic.

Although we think make-up is a recent product, artificial beauty effects have been there since ancient times. Arabic and Egyptian women were some of the very first to use eyeliner and perfumes. A lot of tribal rituals regarding women include using clay or other plant oils mixed with colourful ingredients as skin enhancement tricks. Then one thing is clear: the modern woman is not the very first to enhance her looks. Most of the people who argue for make-up say that using a bit of mascara, some lipstick, a touch of blush boosts their confidence and esteem. Especially those who wear formal-wear and work around office environments tend to appear with a light touch of make-up to look classy. This is obviously fine. And there is a truth in make-up helping one to have a self-boost. There is a sense of outstanding feeling when one has better looks.

What is considered as irrelevant and unnecessary is using tons and tons of make-up which ultimately makes you look like a bad wax image, half way on the process of melting. Too much make-up tends to dissolve when there is heat and there is no sight more gruesome than melting eyeliner, foundation and all sorts of other things. In such a case, the result would be the total opposite of glamour and attraction. Those who argue against heavy use of make-up say that those who wear make-up are women who are not confident about their real appearance; which is true to some extent. If one knows her natural real look is beautiful enough, she would not bother to trouble herself with varied layers of make-up.

However, as mentioned before, the commonest excuse for women to wear make-up is to drag some attraction; specially, male attraction. Perhaps, during the earliest stages of make-up, men were intrigued by it. Yet, with the society becoming more rational and radical, this has changed. Recent social studies and interviews with young men have shown that they are becoming less and less thrilled by make-up. Now this might be sad news for any make-up lover who is reading this right now; but let me tell you why it has so happened. Men believe that a woman with tons of make-up would be hard to maintain. Moreover, they say that a woman who cannot step out of the house without all that bother would be more unrealistic than one who does not wear make-up. What they say is, they cannot really believe about or measure the appearance or outer beauty of a woman these days because they are all perfectly set by make-up. Especially, college boys tend to go for girls who wear less or no make-up, because if that natural beauty attracts them, it is more reliable.

Then back to square one. Should a woman wear make-up or say no to make-up? The choice is of course personal. You have to decide. Yet, natural beauty and simplicity is the best make-up one can have.

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Lilani Anuruddhika

Lilani Anuruddhika is interested in composing poetry, writing stories, singing, dancing and inspiring people. She also wishes to raise social awareness about female safety and social morals. Lilani is contributing Queen of Sea with poetry and articles.

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