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Love of My Life

Love of My Life

As the youngest of the family, I always urged for love and attention. Whenever my parents paid more attention to my sister. I was jealous. Even as an adult, I was sad when everybody’s attention was drawn to my sister’s first baby. Truly I love the kid, but hey, I was no more the youngest kid of the family. So when I told my sister about my worries, she laughed and she said, that she still loves me the same way. “How is that possible?”, I asked her. Because I used to be her little baby, but now that she has her own baby how can she love me the same way?

She said “Well they are two different kinds of love. I love you both just so much as a part of myself, I will do anything for both of you, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give you if you need. No matter whether it’s one of my limbs, I will do anything to keep you both happy and safe, if the baby bit me I will happily tolerate it. But if you bit me I will definitely bite u back!!!”.

Her idea was quite funny but it was clear enough for me to get the picture. Now that I’m a new mother, I myself know what she told was true.


We all experience different kinds of love throughout our entire life. Above all, the mother-baby love is very special. A mother starts loving the child from the moment she gets to know that she’s pregnant. So, does the father. Even if he can’t feel the baby’s mild punches and kicks at first, he does everything he can for the well-being of the mother which is ultimately a way of showing love and care for the baby.

He keeps the mother happy. He gives her anything she wishes, he cooks, he helps her with the laundry and does the dishes and he takes her to evening walks and to movies… Some of these he never had done them before, but now he does them all because he loves the baby. He asks how many times the baby kicked during the day, he gives foot massages to the mother, he even keeps awake to see if the mother will turn in her sleep and the little bump might get hurt!

He does these because he wants the baby to be healthy and happy too.

The day our baby was born, we went to the hospital alone because we didn’t want to bother our parents in the middle of the night. But I didn’t have the slightest feeling of fear because my husband was with me holding my hand through the entire time. I had to go through an emergency caesarian because I was infected after the water bag broke. But I wasn’t scared because he was there softly rubbing my cheeks and telling me stories and encouraging me. I really loved the way he did it. But later I got to know from his mother that he was so scared as I had to go through a caesarian operation suddenly.


He had called his parents in fear and had cried worrying about me and the baby because of the infection. But he acted like everything is fine in front of me. Like that every father hides his worries and fears because he knows that he should be strong and he should be encouraging and protecting the family rather than thinking about himself.

When the doctor put the baby on my chest for the first time, I cried as I couldn’t tolerate the joy. I can’t even try to explain how I felt when that warm and tender little bundle was put on my chest. As the time passes both of us enjoyed every moment with the baby. None of us want to miss anything. Sleepless nights, poo and pee, nothing seems to matter.

You want to cherish every moment.. all those firsts become precious memories…


You feel like your baby is the most beautiful among all the babies. You worry even if your baby sneezes! You don’t think about yourself. You do everything to keep the baby happy, safe and to look beautiful. Even if you don’t spend to buy something for yourself, you spend any amount to buy the best things for your baby. Both of you keep awake to see the baby smile in its sleep. You give out everything your child needs expecting nothing in return and with no worries or regrets.

It’s true love. It’s pure. It’s boundless and it’s unconditional.

About The Author

Madhu Senarath

Inspired by her favorite writers, Madhu Senarath started writing stories and poems since her childhood. She spends her leisure time reading and writing and she considers it a quite wonderful way to unleash her feelings and find inner peace. Madhu is contributing with short fictions to Queen of Sea.

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  1. Thalatha Wijeratne

    Madu, new mom,it’s nicely written. When I read your article I recalled the time I had newly born baby with me. & how we waited to see a smile on baby’s face.


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