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Love is…

This article was previously published in year 2002 on Daily News, a Sri Lankan paper.

After reading the article “Being in Love the real thing” on youth quest the first thing that came into my mind was an article I’ve read in a magazine couple of years ago.

It was a very interesting topic called, “What is this thing called love?” condensed from “Redbook” by Judith Viorst, an American writer. Those tips were worth sharing, so all you girlfriends, here are some tips for you to figure out love and infatuation.

Remember, infatuation is when you think he is as attractive as Harrison Ford (probably in his youth), as smart as Henry Kissinger, as funny as Woody Allen and, it’s love when you realize he is as attractive as Woody Allen, as funny as Henry Kissinger, as nothing like Harrison Ford, but you’ll take him anyway.

Love is, it’s 1 p.m. and you get this awful need for peach ice-cream, even are aren’t pregnant or sick he gets you it. But you better dump him if he gaps and brags about it!

Love is agreeing with him completely when he needs you to agree with him in that same degree, Love means never having to say you are sorry, except when it’s your fault. Or when it’s his fault but he’s too immature to admit it. Or, when it’s nobody’s fault, but he’s looking for a scapegoat.

Love is when you respect him less when he shows any weakness. What is love? Thanks to Judith Viorst it’s no longer a vital issue. Or is it now?

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Charitha Adikari

Charitha Adikari has a passion for writing. She has written about homeless African Americans she met in Washington, D.C. Streets to women’s issues and has interviewed inspiring People from around the world. She finds writing therapeutic. Charitha loves prose and poetry but currently involved in broadcasting journalism. She is contributing with witty columns of stories of everyday people to Queen of Sea.

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