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Chasing clothes, Chasing hearts

Chasing clothes, Chasing hearts

The New Year spirit is still visible everywhere but mostly on streets. Most of us were on streets during the last few weeks, predominantly walking around fancy fashion shops to buy clothes as much as possible. Voyaging from one shop to another, we all rushed in search of the best skirt, best frock, the best trouser or the shirt as if we had nothing before or we were unclothed throughout the year. We were on a hunt, literally hunting clothes; it might be for you, your children, spouse, siblings or parents.

Chasing clothes, chasing hearts

Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is the most tiresome activity. Though we are used to buying clothes whenever we need right through the year, when it comes to the New Year season intentionally or unintentionally we tend to buy something, mostly things that are not essential and we load all of them in the wardrobe. Most of us do not know the length and the width of our wardrobes and sometimes we do not know what is there in the bottom of it. Heaps and heaps of garments with some of it totally untouched. We continue the practice, since all the others are doing the same or since we are supposed to wear something new for the New Year.

It is easy to follow the routine but it is difficult to be dare enough to refuse it and stand different. The New Year is not something to chase after clothes for but to chase hearts. You can start it from your wardrobe. Stride over your chest of drawers. Scan them from top to bottom. Definitely, you will be able to find several clothes that you do not use frequently together with several other garments that you have never touched but are still in very good condition.

This is a common reality among most of us, because as human beings we are greedy to possess a lot but we also forget things soon. Now, you have two simple options; firstly, you can donate them to someone in need. If not you can reuse them and save the money you allocated to buy new clothes and channel them directly to the betterment of someone less well-off. There are so many among us who neither possess wardrobes nor clothes, but still are willing to celebrate the New Year with new clothes. So, this is the right time to chase their hearts!

This column was first published in iVolunteer/SundayTimes Sri Lanka (2014)

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K. A. Sandunika Hasangani

Sandunika is a currently a PhD candidate in the field of Social Sciences. Reading and writing are her first and foremost hobbies. She finds peace and a deep feeling of satisfaction when engaged in writing that cannot be attained from any other source. She is a hobbyist photographer (loves wildlife photography), a passionate traveler and occasionally draws and paints as well.

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