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Category: Wanderlust

Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden

When I was in Sri Lanka, I used to go to Diyatha Uyana to enjoy food and to Nawala Wali-Park on Saturdays to enjoy calypso music. The habit continued after migrating. Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden is my favourite park in NSW which motivates me to go to work every day. It’s in a walking distance from my office so most days I go there during lunch hour. Overlooking the Lavender Bay and the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge, this beautiful flowery garden brings joy to busy urban life.     The emotional story behind this lovely garden goes as; “Wendy...

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The Train Diaries of ShutterEyeLadz

Train diaries, by the name also you all can get an idea of what this is all about. So, this is the collection of some sceneries that have came up into an eye of a young girl while she is traveling by train. That’s how this name called Shutter Eye Ladz was initiated, with the meaning of Ladini’s Captures through the shutter lenz. Though this is called as captures through shutter lens, it’s only mobile photography. The idea of capturing these sceneries became after an year maybe once I started to travel by train. I started traveling by train since...

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A Pilgrimage to Dambadiva

Pilgrimage to India was always on top of my bucket list. Earlier, I have visited Trichy and Bangalore. But I always wanted to visit Buddhist religious places. Lord Buddha had mentioned that Buddhists should visit four places where special events of birth of Prince Siddharth, the enlightenment of the Bodhisathwa, preaching of first Dhamma sermon (Dam sak pawatum sutra) and Parinirvana of Lord Budhdha. After my retirement from government service, I joined a tour group to go on pilgrimage. At the end of October, our group arrived at Katunayaka BMI airport to take a direct flight to Varanasi by...

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Japan – City of Yokohama

  Arriving It was my first ever flight and I was travelling alone. I was bit nervous, but as it was a journey which I was eagerly looking forward for quite some time, I managed to enjoy every moment of it. It was around 11am in Japan time when I disembarked at Tokyo Narita International Airport which is located in Chiba prefecture (~60km east from central Tokyo) Narita is the predominant international airport in Japan, handling around 50% of the country’s international passenger traffic and 60% of its international air cargo traffic. There was a little rush near the...

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