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Category: Hasitha

Happy Mother’s Day!

The team of writers at Queen of Sea tells how much each of them love their mom and why.  Happy Mother’s Day! Madhu Senarath: To me my mother (Nandani Senarath) is the most selfless person I have ever met. She has scarified many luxuries in her life to bring up my sister and me. Being a school teacher for 30 years, she knew exactly how to raise us to become persons with great values. She is my inspiration in almost everything in my life and I can always count on her support to achieve my dreams. She’s a person...

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Now I Love Him Even More ♡♡

When I was small I had crushes on two celebrities – Michael Praed who played the role of Robin Hood in the British TV series “Robin of Sherwood” and Bryan Adams. I loved Bryan Adams’ voice and found him very handsome! Bryan Adams is one of my favorite singers up-to-date. Recently I was going through a Bollywood news site and a heading caught my eye, “Bryan Adams shoots Priyanka Chopra’s first Guess campaign”. Brian Adams? I was surprised. No, that can’t be him. But curiosity made me follow the link and read the full article. It was him! My...

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UNWRITTEN HISTORY – Battle of Ladies

This article was collaboratively written by Milani Buddhika, Nusra Afzal and Hasitha Adhikariarachchi. Long time ago in my school days, I had taken part in the western band and the drama crew, but never sports! On the contrary, my three classmates Milani, Nusra and Chandima had too much blood pumping in their veins and had joined the school cricket team. Guess what, they played leather ball! These three girls were always on the ground, whenever they came back to classroom, they were sun burnt! They were dedicated, disciplined and fun. And they were among the very first school girls...

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How we see Valentines’ Day

The team of writers at Queen of Sea shares their opinion about modern day love and the much celebrated Valentine’s day. Lilani (first year student of the University of Colombo): Love is for sale. Yes, you read it right. Love, is for sale and in this society, you even get discounts, based on your level of commitment. People say “I love you” without even having a clue of what love is. They think that ‘Need’ is love. They think that ‘Touch’ is love. They do not know, that love is holding one’s hand and holding it till that hand...

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My painful affair with tooth fairy

When I was a kid I thought I would be a famouse writer and that people would build a museum in my name (I had visited Martin Wickramasinghe museum then, that’s why 😀 ) after my death. Therefore, whenever one of my baby tooth was knocked out, I put it inside a plastic jar, a collection for my museum. I didn’t ask the tooth fairy or a squirrel for a new tooth. My ideas were too matured for my age and I didn’t believe in tooth fairy. But later, I threw-away the collection of my primary teeth because they...

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