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In most of the Asian countries, and in many other parts of the world, there is this one impassable limit set and accepted as ‘18+’. Privileged are those who are 18+, and underprivileged the rest. All of us have been at one point in our lives, shunned away from conversations that the then adults told us are ‘adult talks’. Now in order to understand what I am beating around the bush for, let us look in to two situations. A- A mother tells her 11 year old daughter to go to her room, as her mother and the aunt...

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Love and Banjaara

In 2014, the Romantic film convention faces a U-turn, as India once again give a new definition to love. The typical hero-heroine-villain triangle becomes a straight line, as “Ek Villain” becomes a blockbuster in the film history. And as it begins, we are immediately drawn with the opening lines of the film; “Every love story has a hero, heroine, and a villain. But this love story is of a villain”. How society changes Angels in to Demons, how no one is a born hero or a villain, but circumstantial in that is displayed in a moving tale. What drags...

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University Politics and the Students’ Future

Man, (also woman) is considered a political being. It is simply not possible for a person, either male or female, young or old, to completely isolate his/her self from politics. If nothing else, we have a political structure at home, which we call the domestic politics. Most of the youngsters are, however, unaware of what it means to involve in politics for a large part of their lives. And then, they pass examinations and enter into universities, and, tadaa! They find themselves in a maze of political activism. University Politics has a history as old as universities themselves. At...

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Gendered Emotions

You see a man blaming a girl. You stop and look, you see the girl crying. Picture this in your head. Now move that image to either your left or right side of the brain (I’m being democratic, you can select which side) and picture this: you see a man blaming a boy. The boy starts crying out loud. Forget about the title of this article and forget about every radical idea and give me an honest comment of the second picture. ‘Very girly”. Isn’t that so? This is not something only you would say, this is something that...

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Letter to Saint Nicolas

Dear, dear Santa, You must be very busy this month, rather from a couple of months before you must have been busy. What with half the world demanding all sorts of different gifts from you; no wonder if you threw up your hands in exasperation saying, “Oh yet another letter!!” I most certainly understand how frustrated you must be. So here’s the great revelation of my letter: I need no gift from you. This is not a demand on a certain steam boat, or talking doll or human-size teddy or a certain dress from a high-end designer. This is...

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