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Category: Buddhist tales

The Intelligent Student

Long time ago, there was a centre of learning in Varanasi. Disapamock was the teacher and there were many students. He had only one daughter who was very beautiful. Disapamock decided to arrange her marriage. He wanted to prefer an intelligent student among his pupils as his son in law. What is the best way to judge the intelligence of the students? Disapamock made a plan. One day Disapamock summoned all of his students. “My dear students, I wish to arrange the marriage of my daughter. But I don’t have enough money to get her special costumes and jewelleries....

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The Noble White Elephant

A white elephant lived in a forest near Himalaya Mountain. The other elephants of the forest had made the white elephant their king. His mother was blind. So the white elephant sent her plenty of food through other elephants. But the mother didn’t get any, as the other elephants were eating all the food themselves. The white elephant got to know what happened to the food he gathered for his mother. He decided not to live among those selfish elephants. He took his mother with him to the mountain and lived there far away from others of his clan. One day,...

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A Pilgrimage to Dambadiva

Pilgrimage to India was always on top of my bucket list. Earlier, I have visited Trichy and Bangalore. But I always wanted to visit Buddhist religious places. Lord Buddha had mentioned that Buddhists should visit four places where special events of birth of Prince Siddharth, the enlightenment of the Bodhisathwa, preaching of first Dhamma sermon (Dam sak pawatum sutra) and Parinirvana of Lord Budhdha. After my retirement from government service, I joined a tour group to go on pilgrimage. At the end of October, our group arrived at Katunayaka BMI airport to take a direct flight to Varanasi by...

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The Golden Deer

Once upon a time, there was a gardener looking after the palace garden in Varanasi. While he was working in the garden a golden deer came in to the garden from the nearby forest. But as soon as it saw the gardener, it ran away. This happened for many days. After sometime, the deer had understood that the gardener wouldn’t harm itself. Then the deer used to enter the palace garden and stay there for some time. The golden deer was beautiful. One day the gardener went to the palace to give flowers and fruits to the king’s servants. “Gardener, are you looking after my garden well? How is it now looking?”, The king asked. “My lord, there is nothing of greater importance. But often a golden deer comes there and wanders inside the garden.” The gardener said. “Can you bring that deer to the palace?” “Yes, of course. Please give me a little honey. I will lure and trap the deer. Let me try my best.” The king commanded royal servants to give him a pot full of honey. The gardener took it and poured honey over the grass. The deer came as usual. He found the grass dipped in honey. The deer sat there eating grass. The next day, the gardener slowly poured honey over the grass along the path which ran towards the royal palace. The...

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What happens when the Sky falls-down?

One day a hare was asleep under a shady tree in a forest. When he woke up a strange thought emerged in his mind. He was thinking “What will happen if the sky falls down?”. At that exact moment, a fruit fell off from a near by tree and fell on a leaf of a Palmyra tree. Then it fell on to the ground making a sound “dub, dub.” The hare thought it was the sound of sky falling down. “Oh, the sky is falling down! Let’s rush to a safe place”, screamed  the hare and started running. On the...

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