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Author: Thalatha Wijerathna

The Drummer

One day, a drummer went to a festival in Varanasi with his son. They performed well and entertained the people gathered at the festival. People loved their performance and provided them with money, food and clothes. They started their journey back home and a jungle was on their way. When they were walking through the jungle the son started beating the drum as he was quite happy about their success. “Son, this jungle is known for thieves. Do not play the drum. If the thieves hear this sound, they might catch us!”, the farther said. But the son did...

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The Hunter and the Deer

Once upon a time there lived a deer in a forest bordering a village. One day his sister visited him with her son, a little deer. “Brother, please teach my son the tricks we do. Then he will be able to avoid danger in the jungle” She said. “Sister, I am happy to teach him. Let me start from tomorrow.” the deer replied. Next day the little deer went to his uncle’s den to learn survival skills. Two months passed. He learnt and practised tricks his uncle taught him. One day the little deer was roaming in the forest...

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