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Author: K. A. Sandunika Hasangani

Be Sustainable!

  This is the prime time to think twice about our own behavioural patterns. We are at the edge of globalization and no one knows what will happen tomorrow and almost certainly we will insensibly follow what ‘the market’ asks us to do. In such a globalized, profit oriented world, ‘sustainability’ or rather ‘sustainable development’ is a highly hailed, but seriously misused and misinterpreted concept, ignoring its real depth. Let’s start with basics. Are we really sustainable? The earth was a sustainable living organ a few decades ago; it produced enough food, energy, water for future generations, including all...

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He is a survivor of the atomic bomb and I met him accidentally in the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima. He carries his own wooden bird feeder every time he comes to the park and fixes it on the backrest of the bench. Facing the Atomic Bomb Dome, he feeds the sparrows in the evening. In Japan survivors of the atomic bomb are considered very special. Their number is limited, and they are living testimonies of the history and memories of war. However, this gentleman introduced himself as a ‘Hibakusha’ (Japanese term for survivors of the atomic bomb), and...

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Chasing clothes, Chasing hearts

The New Year spirit is still visible everywhere but mostly on streets. Most of us were on streets during the last few weeks, predominantly walking around fancy fashion shops to buy clothes as much as possible. Voyaging from one shop to another, we all rushed in search of the best skirt, best frock, the best trouser or the shirt as if we had nothing before or we were unclothed throughout the year. We were on a hunt, literally hunting clothes; it might be for you, your children, spouse, siblings or parents. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is the...

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Have a Big Heart

Some tiny incidents, though seemingly simple and insignificant can make us overjoyed and even capable of changing the whole philosophy of our personal life. Something similar happened recently. If my memory is correct five or six months ago, there was a private bus strike and I was a direct victim of it as a regular user of public transport. I can still remember the importance of the day. I had a compulsory research workshop at the university but unfortunately our private vehicle was at the garage to be repaired so there was no option for me but to use...

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Love Unconditionally

Though I do not have a pet at home, I know how people love them, and look after them with the best food and medicine. Yet, have you ever thought of the plight of cats and dogs neglected and abandoned in temples, roads, bus stops and various other places? Sometimes, we do not have much time to think of them, since most of us are extremely busy with our mundane duties and responsibilities. Last week one busy morning, I was stuck in a fairly crowded junction due to heavy traffic, and suddenly I perceived an extremely tragic and touching...

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