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Author: Madhu Senarath

Japan – City of Yokohama

  Arriving It was my first ever flight and I was travelling alone. I was bit nervous, but as it was a journey which I was eagerly looking forward for quite some time, I managed to enjoy every moment of it. It was around 11am in Japan time when I disembarked at Tokyo Narita International Airport which is located in Chiba prefecture (~60km east from central Tokyo) Narita is the predominant international airport in Japan, handling around 50% of the country’s international passenger traffic and 60% of its international air cargo traffic. There was a little rush near the...

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Love of My Life

As the youngest of the family, I always urged for love and attention. Whenever my parents paid more attention to my sister. I was jealous. Even as an adult, I was sad when everybody’s attention was drawn to my sister’s first baby. Truly I love the kid, but hey, I was no more the youngest kid of the family. So when I told my sister about my worries, she laughed and she said, that she still loves me the same way. “How is that possible?”, I asked her. Because I used to be her little baby, but now that...

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A House without a Chimney

It was the year 1964. The time I was spending in the city, with my ex-husband before our divorce, did no good to me. I thought moving out from the city and living in a totally different environment would help me to distract myself and gradually, heal the wounds of my heart. I found an old house in this little isolated town of Georgiana and started living there all alone, with a small amount of money I had been saving. I was going through a traumatic rough patch. The dissolution of the marriage had unleashed a flood of consequences...

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