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Author: Hasitha Adhikariarachchi

How we see Valentines’ Day

The team of writers at Queen of Sea shares their opinion about modern day love and the much celebrated Valentine’s day. Lilani (first year student of the University of Colombo): Love is for sale. Yes, you read it right. Love, is for sale and in this society, you even get discounts, based on your level of commitment. People say “I love you” without even having a clue of what love is. They think that ‘Need’ is love. They think that ‘Touch’ is love. They do not know, that love is holding one’s hand and holding it till that hand...

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My painful affair with tooth fairy

When I was a kid I thought I would be a famouse writer and that people would build a museum in my name (I had visited Martin Wickramasinghe museum then, that’s why 😀 ) after my death. Therefore, whenever one of my baby tooth was knocked out, I put it inside a plastic jar, a collection for my museum. I didn’t ask the tooth fairy or a squirrel for a new tooth. My ideas were too matured for my age and I didn’t believe in tooth fairy. But later, I threw-away the collection of my primary teeth because they...

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A Note to a Special Friend

Today I wanna send belated birthday wishes to my best friend whom I grew really close to when I was working in the ‘ABC’ company. How we first met is a different story though. I first met her in the girl’s hostel of SLIIT. My roommate in SLIIT hostel was a girl from the junior batch and she used to bring her friends over to hostel, and my best friend ‘Mad Girl’ was one of them. She made pasta in the girl’s hostel one day, she played basketball – and those are my initial memories of her. In 2013 when...

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The moon appears bigger here

It’s been six months since we migrated to Sydney. And my mother says she misses me and that she is sad. Then I tell her, even when I was in Sri Lanka I was not at home. I didn’t go home every weekend because I had lectures on both Saturday and Sunday in Kelaniya university as I had started following an MBA even before I got married. If I knew earlier that I would give up my MBA and migrate I could have spent my weekend with my parents. The struggle of being away home is common to most...

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Tasks Vs Traits

Hey, listen! None of us are perfect, but don’t worry because there is always room to improve. Here is a reference for you to gauge yourself. Regardless of the job or “generic” in other words, here are the work behaviours (with examples) that seem to be important to all jobs. Wondering how I found this? I read this in a HRM module. People use common sense and methodical approaches when compiling a list of qualifications for a job. Certainly, specific skills that are required to perform the tasks associated with the job have to be enlisted. For instance, mental dexterity and an agreed educational level will be considered as human traits specific for a job. However, we should not ignore the fact that some behaviours may apply to almost any job. The below included two tables present both the positive and negative traits common for every employee. The good thing about this is, we all can use this to self-evaluate, no-matter which position we hold. But, the idea of negative of positive traits can differ form company to company depending on the accepted company culture.   Positive Traits Job-related Behaviour Some Examples Industriousness Keeps working even when other employees are standing around talking; takes the initiative to find another task when finished with regular work. Thoroughness Cleans equipment thoroughly, creating a more attractive display; notices merchandise out of place and returns...

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