Author: Lilani Anuruddhika

Girls from the Middle East

Most of us are blessed with freedom, if not perfect freedom, then a relatively generous share of freedom. We wear what we like, we eat what we like, and we follow whatever the crazy dreams we have. We go where we like and sing and dance and have some kind of amusement in life. But there is some area on earth where people are not that lucky. Where girls are not that lucky. With increasing attention of world politics on the Arab world, this article is going to talk about the girls in the Middle East. There are two...

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Make-up or No make-up?

Emma Watson has said; “Beauty is what we feel inside, which also shows outside us”. Although this philosophical idea gives a sense of what beauty really is, the world is yet so fake that one cannot imagine going to the grocer’s without a touch of a make-up. Medical magazines argue day and night that these cosmetics contain a lot of unhealthy chemicals and bleaching agents, but, looks matter a lot in this world, that we all let these arguments in one ear and out the other. Why do we need make-up? That is obviously to look better and to...

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Whether we like it or not, the world always operates in binaries. Everything has two aspects. There are good times, and bad times. In every person there is a Dr. Jekyll side as well as a Mr. Hyde side. You might now start to wonder what I am trying to tackle this time. This article is about doing what is not done, thinking what is not thought of, and dreaming what is not dreamt of. Simply, it is to look at the contrasts in life. And as you read on, you will, I sincerely hope you will realize that...

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Simple Joys We Often Miss

People are born to complain. We complain about everything- from the shampoo not giving the exact effects to the number of vehicles on the road, we complain. While we notice everything negative in life, there are simple joys we miss. From the breaking dawn to the setting sun, we miss these simple, yet soothing gifts of nature. There are people who pay hundreds to go to spas and meditation classes. It is good. There is nothing wrong with it. But, the same tranquility and the same feeling of peace can be enjoyed free of charge if we step out...

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To Kill an Unborn..

There are things, precisely a lot of things, which we see as unwanted. What we normally do with unwanted things is getting rid of them. We dump them. Surprisingly enough, the world has arrived at such an advanced stage, that more and more ‘living’ are also dumped as unwanted. Nailing this down on the point, babies have become unwanted in the modern world. And there is at least, at the very least, one baby found from garbage piles somewhere on the globe every day. This is a serious discussion, and this article will have to be endless to discuss...

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